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Columbus divorce lawyer and Delaware Attorney Brandon Sewell knows firsthand the effect divorce, custody and visitation situations can have on families. Divorce is, after all, not only the separation of two people, but of two families. Brandon has the background knowledge of Psychology and experience counseling families which he brings to his position as a Columbus divorce lawyer. Beyond the anger, resentment and frustration of the two people being divorced, children are often forced into the uncomfortable situation of living in two households. Some experience guilt and blame themselves for their parents split. As a Columbus divorce lawyer, Brandon will help his clients navigate the tumultuous world of divorce.

At the law offices of Brandon Sewell, we pledge to handle your divorce, dissolution, annulment, or custody issue with the kindness and sensitivity it deserves.


Brandon began his education at Wright State University in Dayton, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. From his studies there, he began understanding the influence of stressors like divorce on the family.

Upon graduating Brandon worked as a social worker in Dayton for seven years. As a social worker, Brandon visited the homes of many low-income families in Dayton and surrounding areas. During his time as a social worker, Brandon counseled families in a variety of circumstances. Some had lost their jobs, some struggled to put food on the table, some struggled with addiction, many had been on some form of welfare their entire lives. No matter what the situation it always effected how the family related to each other, many times for the worse.

Putting his knowledge of psychology and family stressors to use, Brandon set out to pursue a career in law. Brandon immersed himself in the study of law and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Toledo in just 2 1/2 years.

During his time in law school, Brandon spent two semesters representing low-income famillies in various custody and visitation cases.

Brandon now offers his experience as a Columbus divorce lawyer.

Our firm is proud to offer the following services. Our limited practice area allows us to focus on provided you the best representation possible.

  • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Disolution
    • Annullment
    • Visitation
    • Custody
    • Criminal Defense
    • DUI/DWI
    • MisdemeanorsTraffic violations


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“With all representations, we strive to put family first.”

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